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Attending An Open Meeting Before Initiation ?

Should you attend an Open Meeting beforehand?

First of all, let us explain what an Open Meeting is. It is a formal meeting in a Lodge, during which Brothers and Sisters do not wear aprons and non-Freemasons can participate. In general, this type of ceremony is a means of promotion or recruitment for the Lodges. During the meeting, certain specific points of the Ritual used by the Lodge are explained. An Open Meeting can be the occasion to invite either a Freemason or a non-initiated speaker to give a speech.

Should you attend such a meeting? Our answer may surprise you, but we would advise against it. If you go to learn about what you will experience as a future Freemason, you will be disappointed. You won't be shown anything special. You will visit a Lodge and see faces, decorations and symbols. But you should be aware that the Opening and Closing Ritual you will see is not the regular ritual used in normal Masonic Meetings.