Freemasonry: The Naked Truth

for future candidates and curious others

To easily understand everything about Freemasonry


- At last a book which gives clear answers to all your questions on Freemasonry. 

- 292 pages of useful Questions and Answers, to help you prepare a well-structured application.

- List of Masonic Obediences to contact.

- Sayings and Don'ts. MUST READ.

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What Will Change In Your Life?

This question is so complex and personal that it is impossible to give a simple answer. There are too many possible answers. We cannot offer you any sort of guarantee even if you promise to attend all the regular Meetings and the Apprentice Instruction sessions. We could mention results that have been obtained by other Freemasons who have made the journey before you. However, Freemasonry is able to conjure up a kind of magic that leads to results that are particularly appropriate for each of us. Life sometimes organizes surprises for us that do not correspond to what we originally planned or hoped for, but end up in an appropriate and better outcome for us. Our life can lead us down paths that we don't immediately understand. In such a case we are faced with the alternative, either to accept and enjoy what is presented to us, or to stamp our feet and curse the fate that imposes on us a different plan to the one we initially had in mind.

Our intention is not to try to convince you by imitating the American evangelists one can sometimes see on television, haranguing crowds with revelations about God and Life. Some of what we say may seem exaggerated to you … but not all of the ideas below are far-fetched.

For example, Lao Tzu once said, "A hungry man who was holding a lamp in his hand ignored what fire was. If he had known, he could have cooked his rice". It's exactly the same with Freemasonry, you already have the essential elements you need to progress within yourself. What you will learn and practice will simply enable your eyes to see differently and appreciate life in a new way. It will reveal what you are under the surface.

There are many beautiful and uplifting sentences that are linked to our subject. For example, the following from Saint Augustine, "Happiness is to continue to desire what you already possess". Freemasonry will lead you to internalise this spirit. You won't necessarily double your income, increase your IQ to 150 or become a Minister in the next government, but you will appreciate life differently. The way we view happiness is very important, because the law of attraction[1], which governs life, is always very fair. It answers our unconscious desires and our basic needs very precisely. We would all secretly like life to be intelligent enough to guess what is happening in us and, above all, we would like it to anticipate our needs. But let's face it, the last time this happened was when we were in our mother's womb. Since then, we have had to learn to formulate our requests in a clear and intelligible way.

[1] The law of attraction is a principle that considers that everything that happens to us, whether positive or negative, has been attracted to or generated by ourselves.