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Quarrels And Harmony In A Lodge

All over the world Freemasons, in their Lodges, work and grow rich... but in human transactions! And where we have life and human interaction, we will necessarily witness misunderstandings and quarrels, some of them violent. We have never witnessed a situation where Freemasons came to blows, but we have, however, seen some verbal exchanges that were the equivalent of no-holds-barred playground fights.

Freemasons, like all human beings, are both Sun and Moon. Yes, one can be very hurt by the attitude of a Brother or a Sister. And it happens in some cases that the only way to find peace again is to resign. This obviously does not happen very often, but such cases sometimes occur. It is part of the Freemason's work and must be accepted as one of the risks.

The Lodge is often referred to in terms of alchemy and, in this case, it is called the athanor. This is the crucible in which we put the materials that will be burned during the process of transmutation into gold. The material is symbolized by the passions of the Brother or Sister you are in friction with and fire is the process you will experience together. If you systematically avoid any discussion, conflict or exchange, how can you grow? Remember that it is through catching childhood diseases that our children strengthen their immune systems. The Freemason becomes stronger by working on Brotherhood and Tolerance with the other members. This is one of the purposes of the practical work engaged in during Lodge meetings. When troubled relationships can result in a form of re-harmonization, it is perfect. However, it is essential to put one’s cards on the table for this to happen so that the problem can be overcome and harmony restored.