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What Happens During An Initiation?

This is a very delicate question. Initiation is strongly linked to secrecy. During the ceremony, each candidate takes an undying vow. The need to maintain secrecy, not just secrecy for the sake of secrecy, but for a more important reason.

Let us say in passing that we are of the opinion that certain Masonic dignitaries would do better to explain the real reason why secrecy is necessary, rather than to unveil insipid fragments of Masonic practices on TV shows. Such behaviour only thickens the veil of mystery and reinforces the paranoia of anti-Masonic groups. So yes, Freemasons do keep secrets. This is the main reason why the Catholic Church has been stuck in an anti-Masonic stance since the 18th century. The great majority of other Christian denominations acknowledge Freemasonry.

Many Catholics don’t understand (or perhaps understand only too well?) that when they ask Freemasonry to lift the secrecy[1] of its practices, it is the equivalent of the Freemasonry asking the Catholic Church to abolish believing in God. Without this belief, Catholicism would collapse. Without secrecy, the Masonic Initiation would be deprived of its essence.

So let us get to the heart of the matter. What on earth can happen during an Initiation, which calls for the door to be hermetically closed? The answer: nothing that corresponds to what you imagine!

[1] We are of course referring to the symbolic secret, for everything else concerning Freemasonry is available to all on Internet.