Freemasonry: The Naked Truth

for future candidates and curious others

To easily understand everything about Freemasonry


- At last a book which gives clear answers to all your questions on Freemasonry. 

- 292 pages of useful Questions and Answers, to help you prepare a well-structured application.

- List of Masonic Obediences to contact.

- Sayings and Don'ts. MUST READ.

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What Questions Should You Ask?

The first time you meet a Freemason, you will have lots of question to ask, but probably won’t know where to begin. Besides, you know nothing about how things work and you don’t want to appear stupid. Where to start? What are the right questions to ask? You want to know everything, of course, but at the same time, you don’t want to exhaust the subject to the extent that there is no surprise left to discover, do you?

Well, we have some good news for you. In order to help you prepare for your first interview, as well as the following ones - provided the first one is positive - here are a few ideas of what the important questions to ask are.

  • Does the Lodge accept both men and women?

It is important to know whether your future workshop accepts only men, only women, or both. The way they operate is not quite the same. (We will treat this aspect in more detail in a later chapter).


  • What is the main focus of work in the Lodge?

Is it more concerned with a symbolic approach or does it privilege problems of society? If you are persuaded that you can only change yourself by first changing the world around you, then you would not be happy in a Lodge which is predominantly symbolist. You would very quickly regret your choice. Without trying to influence you, it is evident to us that Freemasons who work essentially on improving themselves first are subsequently able to radiate more effectively on society and influence it with the richness of their thoughts. It is doubtful that a Freemason who changes nothing in their own character can change the face of the world, especially if they are in a Lodge with twenty other Masons like them.


  • What is the name of the Lodge?

It is normal to ask about the name of your future Lodge. If it is called “Lodge Zero” or “Liberté Chérie” (Cherished Freedom)[1], it is useful to ask about the origin of the name. It is rarely a mere coincidence and your future Masonic progress depends on it to a certain extent, so it doesn’t cost anything to ask the question.

[1] This was the name of a famous Masonic lodge which existed (very discreetly) inside the concentration camp of Esterwegen during the Second World War. Several books have written about its incredible story.