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There is so much to be said on this subject that it deserves a whole book to itself. But let us try to convey the main aspects of Fraternity for a Freemason. Everyone understands instinctively that Fraternity is the ability to relate to others. All the more so when we are Brothers or Sisters. It may seem obvious, but not to everyone. An Apprentice can very well have the following reaction: "I don't understand all the fuss and excitement about this notion of Fraternity. I already have a sister in my own family and I don't see the point of treating the members of my Lodge as though they were my family”. As surprising as it may seem, this reaction is fairly common among Freemasons. We cannot consider that we are instinctively Brothers and Sisters as soon as we are initiated and kiss everyone when we arrive in Lodge.

The authentic feeling of Fraternity stems from an almost magical awareness. It acts as a sort of revelation, creating a tangible change in your behaviour. You look at another member and see an Initiate, like yourself, and you realise that they are of the same human race as you are. You feel that you both belong to the same family. Their presence makes you feel that life is beautiful, as life and nature are beautiful. You are totally different from them and yet you belong to the same community, the community of those who are capable of love!

Perhaps you have noticed that we rarely bring up considerations on mental or intellectual subjects in our explanations. If we said, "You are part of the same Lodge, therefore you are Brothers and Sisters", this would be a discriminatory statement, because it would mean that the next Lodge is different from ours and perhaps not as good. We are not talking about difference, discrimination or separation here, not at all. Our point is that Fraternity is a vibration that we feel in our hearts and which enables us to feel to what extent we belong to the elements of the Universe.

Every single one of us is indispensable to the Universe. We believe that every grain of sand is a creation of our Universe. This is not a religious belief or an attempt to convert you to any special belief. Everyone can agree that if we live on this Earth, it is because, in the broadest sense, the Universe allows us to occupy "OUR" place. This place is ours and no one else's. If the Universe decides, by using another of its creations (a virus, a cancer cell, a car driven too fast), that it is time for us to leave this earth, it will happen. We are unable to decide if this decision is made by some God or other[1]. One thing is absolutely certain, however, and that is that the Universe exists, you exist and you are where you are because it is the right place for you. Everyone lives in our Universe for a reason. You must admit that being one of the chosen people is a great privilege. We believe that the Universe voted our presence on earth and so we are all children of the Universe. When we are in Lodge, if we connect to this feeling of Universality, we can actually feel to what extent our neighbour is our Brother or Sister. There is no separation between us.

[1] But we can say that there are many of them up there. Men have created so many Gods and everyone is convinced that theirs is the best.