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Grand Lodges Open Only To Women

There are now other Lodges, in France as well as in England and the U.S.A., which accept only women: two in England, two in France, and two in the United States.

One question comes to mind and that is, given the universal aims of Freemasonry, why create Lodges which are open only to women? The “regular” Lodges, open only to men, have their excuse: the original patent in 1723 specifically excluded women. The Lodges open to both women and men do not require an explanation.

But what is the justification for the setting up of Lodges exclusively for women? The official explanation is the following: if men are present, there are some subjects that women will not be able to discuss freely and there can also be problems due to sexual attraction. The Grande Loge Feminine de France gives the following explanation:

To build oneself, as a woman freed from stereotypes and conditioning, is a prerequisite for taking a conscious place, in complete autonomy, in society; and the Freemasons of our obedience believe that it is an approach facilitated by non-mixing”.[1]