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The Order Of The Eastern Star

In the mid-1800s, The Order of the Eastern Star was set up as a Masonic-style group, to satisfy the request of women for Masonic membership. However, in order to respect the rules of “regular” Masonry, the Constitution was drafted in such a way that the degrees conferred were not, strictly speaking, regular Masonic degrees. The first ritual drafted in 1849 was not well received by the all-male Masonic orders, and it took several years before a stable General Grand Chapter was set up, and an “acceptable” ritual adopted. A candidate initiated into the order learns passwords and signs, but there is only one degree, so it is not a carbon copy of Freemasonry. The order is has had up to three million members throughout the world, but mainly in America. Currently there are globally about one million members, according to their internet site.

The Order of the Eastern Star was originally set up for women – wives, daughters, and female relatives of Masons – with a few men in positions of leadership, but it is now open to both men and women. The Order is also open to people of all religions. All members are expected to have a Masonic connection. [1]

The website for the General Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star explains the organization this way: “The members of the Order of the Eastern Star are dedicated women and men who sincerely reflect the spirit of fraternal love and the desire to work together for good. It gives them the opportunity to give a part of their time to many projects that benefit mankind. Our lessons are scriptural, our purposes are beneficent, and our teachings are moral.”[2]

[1] The ritual was created by two Freemasons, who believed in the need for a female Masonry.

[2] But there are also other requirements. For example, according to the Grand Chapter of California: “A petitioner must (a) be of good moral character, (b) believe in a Supreme Being, (c) have attained the age of eighteen, (c) believe in the laws of the United States of America, (d) be willing to assume the obligation of the Order, (e) be able to participate, with assistance if needed, in the Ceremony of Initiation, (f) be free from disqualifying mental illness, (g) be a resident of the State for six months, with some exceptions, and (g) be free of felony conviction (or judgment as a habitual criminal) under any State or National laws.” ((