Freemasonry: The Naked Truth

for future candidates and curious others

To easily understand everything about Freemasonry


- At last a book which gives clear answers to all your questions on Freemasonry. 

- 292 pages of useful Questions and Answers, to help you prepare a well-structured application.

- List of Masonic Obediences to contact.

- Sayings and Don'ts. MUST READ.

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Ritual And Rite

The Rite is the language of the Lodge and the Ritual is its grammar. Everyone knows, as soon as his Initiation is over, which Rite his Lodge is using because the elders announce to the newbie, "In our Lodge, it’s the French Rite we use!” for example. This obviously doesn't help very much, because just after our "rebirth", we are still very shaken up by what we have just experienced. It's a bit like after taking a long trip in a spaceship, and hearing someone say to you when you land on Earth, "Welcome, you'll see it's great here, you're in Belgium". For an alien who has never met an earthling, discovering that he has arrived in Belgium or China is of no real significance.

And then, the Belgian explains to you that there are customs and rules that must be respected here. Everything is done in a ritual way. It suddenly becomes very complicated to understand. The best advice we can give you, if this happens to you, is not to worry and remain calm. A few months later, you will get to understand why your Rite is different from that of your neighbours. And then, you will realise, without any explanation, why the Ritual of your Rite is so special. And in fact, if you don't understand it immediately, you will have a lifetime to discover it because there is no hurry. Most of us, after years of practice, still discover something new in our Ritual.