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Whom Will I Meet Once I Am Initiated?

Franck has visited many Lodges in several countries without ever feeling ecstatic in front of a Brother or Sister because he was so impressed by them. We have both attended Lodges where one of the members was a personality from the world outside … without recognising them. In Lodge, we are all equal. A personality wears the same costume, the same apron and the same gloves as everyone else. You do not actually become phosphorescent because you have appeared several times on a TV programme.

The following anecdote is quoted in an excellent book written by a researcher and Freemason, Christopher Hodapp.[1] He relates that Teddy Roosevelt, who was the American President from 1901 to 1908, made a visit during that time to his local Lodge “Matinecock No 806”, and found that his own gardener was Worshipful Master of the Lodge at that moment. The President subsequently declared:

“Clearly I could not call upon him when I came home. It would have embarrassed him. Neither could he, without embarrassment, call on me. In the Lodge it was different. He was above me, although I was President, and it was good for him, and good for me.”

[1] Freemasons for Dummies”, by Christopher Hodapp (Wiley, 1st edition, 2013)