Freemasonry: The Naked Truth

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Freemasonry And Family

All Freemasons who join an all-male Obedience are told during their Initiation ceremony that their Masonic duties should not encroach upon their family life. No Obedience asks its members to forsake their family for Freemasonry. Some anti-Masonic Internet sites publish misinformation, claiming that Freemasons take refuge in Freemasonry as a way to avoid their families. This is of course fake news and in fact, contrary to the truth. It is usual to ask candidates, in order to assess their sincerity: "Is your spouse aware of your desire to become a Freemason?” And then: “Do they agree with your initiative?” In the case of a negative answer, the candidate may even be refused entry to the Lodge, unless they give a reasonable answer as to why they want to keep it a secret. It would indeed be very difficult for someone to leave home dressed up in black twice a month without explaining to their spouse the real purpose of the night out. Withholding such information does not belong to the values of Freemasonry. In fact, husbands and wives are regularly associated with certain actions, especially charitable ones, in order to reassure them about what is behind such absences. In certain Lodges, the whole family is invited to attend the ritual celebration of the summer solstice. So, if you are thinking of joining a Lodge in the near future, do not be surprised if you are asked, “Have you discussed this candidature with your spouse?