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The Future Of Freemasonry

This is a difficult question, especially in uncertain times. It is always much easier to talk about the past than to predict the future. We are less certain of making mistakes and the people involved are usually no longer there to criticize you. But let us try anyway to predict what the Freemasonry of tomorrow will be like.

Why do you think that, since the publication of the Schaw Statutes more than four centuries ago, the avant-garde ideas of Freemasonry have gradually taken root in our civil society? For our part, the answer is as follows: Because the collective spirit of Freemasons has always been avant-gardist. During the first two or three centuries of the existence of Freemasonry, what the members were discussing in their meetings was one step ahead of the social ideas of the time (education, the death penalty, abortion...

Over the past few decades, however, the pace of our society has accelerated to a point where it has become almost uncontrollable. Our old values are disappearing and the new values are not yet stabilized. Everything we believed was true yesterday, in almost every area, needs to be reconsidered. Even the followers of Einstein's theory are lost when they are faced with all the potentialities of the infinitely small in quantum physics. Our certitudes of yesterday are shaken by uncontrollable epidemics, which we suspect we are responsible for. We don't really know which way to turn anymore. Such a situation causes insecurity and fear, which are conducive to the emergence of political prophets of doom, purveyors of populism and rebel-rousing demagogy.

The problems of our society have a direct impact on our Lodges. If Freemasonry, through its members, has always respected its own rhythm, sometimes being ahead of its time, it is no longer in tune with the times. When it tries to compete with a society which has become crazy, the values which are the foundation of Freemasonry go out the window. Don’t misunderstand us; social change can be healthy, but only if it is based on lasting and above all human values. Can we sincerely believe that money, appearance and frenetic competition are stable and respectful values?

The question of rhythm is crucial in understanding how the Freemasonry of tomorrow will be able to nurture its members and respond in advance, as it always has, to the essential needs of all.

However, this notion of rhythm disturbs many Masons and leads a not-negligible number of Freemasons to feel nostalgia for the past and lose hope. Quite a number of conservative Brothers and Sisters regret the loss our 20th century values. This explains why some Obediences adopt as their battle horse old themes that brought them glory and fame in the past (secularism, identity, equality...). But Masonry has no other choice, if it wants to continue and progress, than to reinvent itself. Isn’t the best way to succeed with this transition to create the future?

We first predict that the Freemasonry of tomorrow will become more sensitive and more human. Our work will become more spiritual, with increased periods of introspection and assimilation. Our Rituals will be called upon to evolve, something they have, in fact, never stopped doing.

Little by little, we will observe that the political influence of Freemasonry is totally non-existent. Is this to be regretted at a time when the political systems have lost most of their credibility? The multiplication of many different platforms dedicated to political expression will also gradually reduce the space available for Freemasonry to intervene. The good news is that this evolution will enable Freemasonry to spend more time on its core object of personal evolution and hopefully evolve towards something more mind-lifting. This means that the individual will be able to make the most of Freemasonry as an authentic path of development and harmony.